Construction of building is one of the major services provided by Jumli Nirwan Sewa in Nepal. It deals not only with the construction but also with the designs and cost estimations of building. It has been constructing Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) buildings as well as steel structured buildings. Jumli Nirwan Sewa has experience in commercial building construction, schools and colleges, cafes construction. Construction is well planned and managed so that everything goes according to the plan. Any changes in the designs or factors during construction will be well coordinated with the owner. Designs are approved from the client and its detail drawings are prepared. Foundations, footings, slab, concreting, rebar specifications etc are constructed according the structure analysis report.

Well qualified and experienced site supervisors will be always available to support the working team. Any confusion during construction will be solved by the engineers who visit sites frequently. Jumli Nirwan Sewa team works hard to provide better and quality constructions.